Khuwalung is mother nature herself

Khuwalung is mother nature herself

Khuwalung is mother nature herself                                                                                      It is important for all Kirati to understand that not all stones are “Khuwalung” and not all stones are “Suptulung” (Tinchula).
Khuwalung has always been believed to be a sacrad entity and a place of religious belief for the Kirati people,
in simple terms, Khuwalung is mother nature herself, a source of life, a place of our birth.
To understand Khuwalung, it is important to understand the culture, tradition and religious beliefs of the locals living in villages around Tribeni.
Khuwalung is mother nature herselfKiratis have been living along the banks of Dudh Koshi, Arun and Tamor rivers since ancient time, “Nakchhong” are priests of the Kirati people who enter a trance state during a ritual, and practise divination and healing,
they worship, dance and meditate in this sacred site “Khuwalung” to replenish their spiritual “Mudhumi” energy.
Every culture in the world e.g. hindu, egyptian, persian, greek , roman, norse has had, and still has, some type of mythology.
Kirati mythology plays an important role because it is the foundation for a lot of religions that are practiced by Kirati people.
It is said that “Tayama” and “Khiyama” weaved tan in Khotang Halesi Tuwachung, “Hechhakupa” taught us to farm and harvest crops to save us from famine.
These are some of the events in Kirati Mythology that are related with Khuwalung, simple yet profound.
Now, the issue regarding “Khuwalung” cannot be put aside, it should be resolved as soon as possible.
There is a saying that goes along the lines of “History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Often Rhymes”, just as our sacred scripts were once brunt to ashes, just as our forts were once stomped to the ground,
now is not the time to remain silent and be vocal about the injustice that we as minorities are facing.
Waterways are crucial for development, we are not against development but we are against the unjustifiable approach that has been taken concerning this issue.
There are many better ways to resolve this issue but wiping someones existence out of the blue is not one of them.

  • thanks    Mani Bantawa rai

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