Who are kirati's?

Who are kirati’s?

Who are kirati’s?


#vintage #khambu #yakthung Kirat/Kirant is not only a dynasty, culture or a tradition but It is a whole civilization . According to some historians Kirati people came in Nepal around 723 B.C and immediately established Kirat/Kirant dynasty.


Kirat are mentioned in early Sanskrit literature as hunter tribes from the Himalayas. Beside that a archaeological study programme between Nepal and Russia, uncovered Kirat Stone-age tools and other artifacts from approximately 30,000 B.C.Who are kirati's?


Kirat consist of mainly 10 ethnic groups. They are: The hayu 2.The jirel 3.The Thami 4.The Yakkha 5.The Surel 6.The Sunuwar 7.The Limbu 8.The Rai 9.The Dhimal 10.Meche 11.The Baram others(Tamang,Sherpa,Magar,Gurung,lepcha,Tharu) Kirati people are known the worshipper of nature and pray nature as god. Mundhum is the holy book of kirat.


Kirati people celebrate Sakela(Ubhauli and Ubhauli), Yeledong etc. These festivals are known by different names accroding to the respective caste or ethnic group. During the festival of Sakela kirati people gather together and perform different varieties of folk dance called Sakela sili.


Kirati people mostly live in eastern region of Nepal and some part of present India, bhutan, myanmar. Present situation of kirat and this group. In the present context kirati culture, tradition, religion and history are in the verse of extinction. The present and future generation is unknown about our own religion,culture,history and so on.


So this page is created with the aim to help to preserve and protect the kirati culture, tradition, religion and history by sharing some information and creating awareness among ourselves and others. Thank you.


source FaceBook page: Visal_Kirati’s Art

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