What is your religion? Kirat

What is your religion? Kirat

What is your religion? Kirat                                                                                                   Let us participate in the 12th National Census 2078 campaign and make it a success.

3.6 What is your caste?
➡️ Rai
3.7 What is your mother tongue?
➡️ Bantawa
3.8 What was the language of your ancestors?
➡️ Bantawa
3.9 What is your second language?
➡️ Any one of the spoken Rai languages e.g. Chamling, Bantawa, Sampang, Puma, bahing/bayung, kulung, Thulung, khaling etc.
3.10 What is your religion?
➡️ Kirat

We kindly request all the Kirat Rai communities to follow the mentioned guidelines.

Aalaangne Sewa. Mani Bantawa Rai

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