attention kirat rai kirawa

attention kirat rai kirawa

attention kirat rai kirawa  Mundum :attention kirat rai kirawa

Many Kirati Rai brothers and sisters would like to speak Kirawa language and follow kirati Rai tradition and culture but some of our tradition and culture look little bit awakward. Many kiratis do not speak and cannot speak kirawa language because parents themselves have not taught their children at home, also kirawa children did not take interest because this language was not taught in any school. So there was no opportunity for new Kirawa generation to learn. Because of these, our Kirawa tradition, culture and language are disappearing and it is at the brink of extinction.

But present Kirat Rai generation cannot blame older generation for not reviveing Kirawa language. If they want to be proud Kirat Rai in the days to come, then there is no time for them to stand and stare. If present Kirawa generation wants to see their bright Kirawa generation in future, there is no escuse, oh my parents did not teach me, as they are educated. The new Kirawa generation is educated and now it is the responsibility of present educated Kirawa generation to do research and revive Kirwa language, tradition and culture with certain modification in practices but keeping in line with the main Kirawa Mundum. Now Kirat Rai survival purely depends on hard work, unification and interest of present and future Kirawas.

Kirawa Mundum comprises mainly:

1. How human beings existed in this world. This has long mythical story.
2. What they worship, why they worship, when they worship and how they worship are seen in rear occassions.attention kirat rai kirawa
(Worship fire hearth three stones) which has meaning for it. Kirawas usually worship mother nature.
3. When new baby is born, after 5 to 7 days, first home purifying/cleansing will be done with kirawa prayers and there after naming program for the new born baby will come.
4. First giving food to baby called (Bhat khuwai or Cok pawma). It comes after 6 months or more. In first (Bhat Khuwai or Cok pawma) program, baby will be given special food by scouping with silver or gold coin. Nowadays, given by spoons. Those who can afford, make silver or gold spoon and give first food grain to baby for good luck purpose.
5. Marriage ceremony has several traditional procedures. It may differ from clans to clans according to Kirat Rai subcastes such as Chamling may have different way of ritual marriage procedures whereas Thulung may have different procedures.
6. At the time of Demise:
(a) Prayer before burial/funeral in Kirawa language. Prayer: family members give gold water to the deceased before taking away the deceased to burial/funeral.
(b). A coin will be placed at burial/funeral to buy a plot of land in heaven. Prayer in Kirawa language when buying land in heaven.
(c). Then demised body will be placed in the grave ward or funeral. Then (dakbati) will be given by legitimate sons/daughter saying bye to the departing soul.
(d). Then (malami) or people who come for helping burial/funeral give soil for burial and three pieces of wood if funeral.
(e). Take the ash from Durthe to river and dump the ash in river with Kirawa Prayer.
(f). Then son’s head will be shaved. Complete new white clothe will be worn till cleansing/purifying day. ( For 5 to 7 days the deceased family members will wear white cloth and do not eat salt. On the 5th or 7th day, it will be purified and deceased family members will wear usual cloths and eat food with salt and oil).
(g). On Purifying/Cleansing/Sanctifying day Doewa, Mangpa, Bijuwa, Senior Citizen and (Pancha) will pray in Kirawa purifying prayers. Items to be arranged salt and oil for touching. (Til, jou, dubo, tetaypati), water in one container for purifying deceased family members by outside family members. Right after purifying/cleansing with above holy water, cleaning with pure water will be done.
(h) Variety of food will be offered in the name of deceased with Kirawa Prayers. It is called Tsa-chukwa in rai language in nepali it is called pinda.
(7) At 45th day of demise of a person, a puja will be arranged by deceased family to reach the soul to heaven. This puja will be performed by Doewa or Mangpa. The deceased soul will be called by Doewa or Mangpa at Three Stones Tsu-la which is considered Heaven by Kirawas. The reason for calling the deceased soul at Three Stone Tsu-la is that we human beings came out of Sumnima Paruhang’s fire hearth ash (Three Stone Tsu-la) that is why Doewa or Mangpa call the soul at Three Stone Tsu-la. We came from Sumnima Paruhang’s Three Stone Tsu-la ash and soil and after death, we go back to same place that is ash and soil of Sumnima Paruhang’s Tsu-la which is considered as HEAVEN by Kirat Rai.
8. Kirawas are Nature worshippers like sun, moon, local deities, king and queen of the country residing.attention kirat rai kirawa Kirawas celebrate Dongdawa and Donglasa that is (Udhauli and Ubhauli). Sakenwa Seeli Dance which is widely known as Bhumi Puja. In Kirat Rai language it is called Henkhama Puja.
9. Kirawas perform Wealth Puja (Chenbe Mang). Also perform new harvest food grains puja (Tsa-suum Mang) which brings good luck and wealth to the family.
10. Healing method or treatment to patients by Doewa or Mangpa.

These are some of the traditions of Kirawa Mundum. There are some more but if you could get knowledge out of this and follow them, you would never hesitate from identifying yourself as a real Kirawa. Vaday vaday Alangnay. Thank you. Bijay Chamling

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